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Written and Directed By Dana Marisa Schoenfeld

Drumpf.  Before the election of 2016 that changed the world. 

Cast and Crew


Cast in Order of Appearance

Ken Perlstein

Stephanie Weppler

Russell Kohlmann

Laura Dowling Shea

Ayesha Adamo

Julie Zelman

Carrie Walsh

Ava Paloma

Clyde Baldo

Jessica Sherr

Nick Sakai

Daan Marisa Schoenfeld

Jennifer Lyons


Director: Dana Marisa Schoenfeld

Cinematographer:  Mike Hseih 

Composer: Vin Scialla

Sound Mixer:Brian Joseph

Editor: Jessica Green

Visual Effects: Thomas Madrigal

Assistant Director: Amber Sherman

2nd Unit DP: DooSoo "Dooks" Kim

Make-up Artist: Cindi "Marvelous" 


Gaffer:Atsushi Takaoka

Gaffer: Maria Panina

Props: Jessica Sherr

Production Assistants

Louie Russo

William Lee

Jennifer Dominguiz

Music "Kolomeika by Tres Tristes Tangos

DAniel Paz Clarinet

Alex Daniels: Accordion

Jorge Gonzalez: Double-Bass

No changes made to original track.

Creative Commons license

You're a Grand Old Flag by G.M. Cohan

Tomorrow Doesn't Matter by Anthony Scialla

Special thanks to 

Linda and Lester Schoenfeld

Jen Rudolph

The AGR Community

Filmed in Purchase, NY 2016


  • BEST OF AGR Short Film Challenge.